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Covent Garden Fishmongers started in 1982 with Philip Diamond in Jubilee market, in Covent Garden, central London. Indeed, a friend of Philip asked him if he was interested, and there he was, every morning, selling his fresh fish and seafood.
All was going well, the stall was busy with customers such as the Royal Opera House taking most of his fish. Considering the success of the stall, a friend of his suggested to him to try his luck in a shop in Chiswick W4, leaving his son Gary to look after the Jubilee market stall, providing mainly a wholesale service.

The shop in Chiswick W4 kicked off extremely well supplying many of its residents and restaurants.
The council decided then to refurbish Covent Garden market, so they moved into a shop in Endell street, Covent Garden where they traded successfully for 2 years. However, due to a massive rent increase, they decided to leave Covent Garden and combined the businesses from the Chiswick address.

Philip Diamond , along the years, has grown to become quite a force within the National Federation of Fishmongers and gained a huge knowledge within the fish industry to match his huge personnality. His always tought Garry and Eddy: "You must make sure the fish is always of top quality because nothing else will do. There is nothing worse than a customer getting home, opening a bag that stinks!"
Indeed, we could see him everywhere back then - TV, newspapers, magazines.
He eventually ended up in 1992 by writting a book called "Covent Garden Fishbook". It sold out very quickly but unfortunately the publisher decided not to follow on that. You can find some of the press releases in the Press section of this Web site.

With Eddie Patmore joining the business over 20 years ago, he, Gary and Philip have acquired masses of experience and knowledge, far better than any other fishmongers, supermarkets and restaurants selling fish, and they take pride in offering a range of services going from preparation, to local delivery. They can also outsource any kind of fish or seafood and can cater for any special event (24 hours notice). Give them a ring to find out if they can deliver to you or if you need advice on how to prepare and cook a fish!

They hope you will find what you are looking for, if not, do not hesitate to contact them for any enquiry.



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